Thursday, July 28, 2011

After a strange week in Helsinki.

Well, I'm back in Oslo (...) - When I was sitting on the metro on my way to the Tuska Open Air festival in Suvilahti (Helsinki), I got a message from my mom: Bombing in Oslo. Only a couple of 100meters from where I work. I was lucky, I wasn't even there, I was in my fav. place in the whole world having fun.. A couple of minutes later I got another message: Shooting in Utøya. Hm. I guess I didn't realize how bad the whole thing was until we got to our hotel and started reading news. And... I just (still) don't know what to say or do. This is something that happens everyday (!), but of course it hurts more when it happens in "your" city.

I'm very happy that MY people are ok, but I feel so bad for all the others who weren't that lucky. And I just can't understand how people can be so brave and "positive" in moments like this...... I'm one of those who probably would've said like Bush, "Let's hunt them down!" Actually, that's exactly what I said...... I feel like that makes me a bad person, going for "revenge" and forgetting all about flowers, love & support. It's AMAZING to see all the flowers in Oslo now, reminds me of all the beautiful people who are still out there.. But, I'm sorry, I just can't express my "love" here.. Yet.

BUT, even though this week was very tragic for Norway & Oslo, we had to finish our business in Finland... I know I wouldn't want people to cry for me if something bad happened. (You obviously never know what will happen tomorrow..)
There are many ways to express sympathy here.... And I just have to say that (FOR ME), joining a political party IS NOT one of them at this point!! Especially not when an event on facebook tells me to.......... I don't see why I should "rush into somthing" I don't even have a clue about.. How can that do any good? Again; there are other ways to show that you (I) care (and want to stand against the murderer.)

Well, even though I don't know anything about politics, even though I might have said like George W Bush - I still care. I care so much.

Tuska festival pics will be uploaded, soon.



  1. kommer heller ikke til å bli med i noe parti, men er like intresert i poletikk som jeg var før, kansje litt mer. Velger heller å støtte de tingene og sakene de har og ikke et helt parti. Finnes ingen jeg vil knytte meg til

  2. Å bli medlem i noe politisk parti er det siste jeg vil akkurat nå. Holder meg langt unna og sender heller varme tanker til de som er rammet. På den annen side lurer jeg på hvorfor vi ikke har gjort mer for å stoppe disse gruppene før det gikk så langt. Vi vet jo at de planlegger helvete..